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Over 35 years we have supported several companies and organizations to start up their business. From business plan to realization and production. Protein producing factory in Turkey, International Training facilities, Design and realization of several hospitals and energy plants. But also reorganization of Multinationals active in Europe.

Effective Structure

We leverage proven methodologies like Agile, Prince2, and ISO 9001 to ensure project efficiency and transparency. Streamlined communication channels keep you informed every step of the way.

Achieve Your Goals

With meticulous planning and data-driven insights, we help you set achievable milestones and navigate critical decision points. Take control of your journey to success with clear roadmaps and transparent progress reports

Creative Ideas

Our team of seasoned innovators collaborates with you to transform your vision into a tangible reality. Leveraging our extensive network of specialists, we provide the resources and expertise to make your ideas soar.

Open Communication

Even after your business launch, we remain your trusted partner. We believe in transparent communication and keep you informed every step of the way, sharing progress reports and collaborating openly.


What We Offer

Business Financing

Whether you consider crowdfundingventure capital, or traditional loans, we guide you through the financing process to secure the right funding for your project. Our experts tailor strategies to match your specific needs and goals.

Business Consulting

We craft compelling business plans that demonstrate the viability of your idea to potential investors. Our comprehensive analysis delves into market potential, financial projections, and competitor landscape. We provide honest feedback, even if your initial concept needs refinement.

Business Idea

Your idea is your intellectual property, and we respect that. We'll sign a confidentiality agreement before we begin, ensuring your concept remains secure. Beyond protection, we offer expertise to refine your idea, identifying its most profitable potential while staying true to your vision.

Financial Planning

New businesses need to research their target market, financial viability, and investment potential to understand industry trends, estimate costs, and secure funding, ultimately creating a roadmap for success. The outcome of the research will be presented in the Business Plan.

Quality in Resources

We understand that talented people are the backbone of any successful business. That's why we employ a rigorous selection process to match highly qualified individuals with your specific needs. We go beyond just finding workers; we build a dedicated team aligned with your company culture and objectives.

Brand Promotion

We create a powerful brand presence that resonates with your target audience. From crafting a unique logo and visual identity to building a compelling website and  social media profiles. More than just presence, we cultivate brand awareness and loyalty that drives customer engagement and growth.

Why Choose Us

Turn your vision into reality with DOOW-IT. We combine action with dedication, fostering an open and collaborative environment where your ideas are heard and brought to life.

Start Off

Launch your dream business with our collaborative kick-off session. Explore your vision, identify key goals, and develop a solid foundation for success with guided brainstorming and expert insights.

Dedicated Team

Benefit from a hand-picked dream team dedicated to your success. We carefully select and manage both internal and external experts, ensuring focused efforts and seamless collaboration towards your goals.

Free Consultation

Get expert feedback and a feasibility assessment with your free consultation. Discuss your business aspirations, receive valuable insights, and explore potential paths to success – all at no cost.

    Interview with our CEO

    Regarding opportunities for Turkish companies that want to cooperate with Dutch companies.

    Become an Effective Leader

    Unlock your full leadership potential with DOOW-IT. We provide customized coaching and team development to enhance your focus, clarity, and effectiveness, empowering you to lead with confidence and achieve extraordinary results.


    Reach Your Specific Outcomes

    Achieve measurable results with our data-driven approach. We set clear milestones, track progress meticulously, and provide transparent forecasts for both 3 and 10-year horizons, ensuring you stay on track for success.

    Achieve Your Goals & Aims

    Join the ranks of our satisfied clients who achieved their business dreams. We empower you to transform your aspirations into reality, helping you reach your goals within your desired timeframe.


    Selection of Experts we Team up with

    Pieter van Gelder

    Risk Management Expert

    Prof. Dr. Pieter van Gelder is full-time professor of safety science at the Faculty of Technology, Policy and Management of Delft University of Technology and director of the TU Delft Safety and Security Institute. 

    Özge Koç Güngör

    Sr Risk Specialist

    Strong experience in enterprise risk management, insurance management, EFQM modelling, strategic planning, process improvement projects, internal control, internal audit.

    Genserık Reniers

    Safety and Security Experrt

    Prof. Reniers Genserik is speciailized in safety and security education, safety and security consultancy and connected to the Delft University of Technology as well as the University of Antwerp

    Mark Ghilarducci

    Disaster Management Expert

    Mark is member of the Board of Trustees to the California State University System (CSU) They adopt regulations and policies governing the entire CSU system with authority over educational policy, finance, campus planning and facilities.


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